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Behold the Beholder

Here at mixtus we just  got in this new piece of gear called the beholder MS1.  It is a small handheld gimbal similar to gimbals that you would find on a drone.  We are currently testing it out with the SONY RX100iv and we are really impressed.  This is a great tool for producing really smooth and professional looking video.


Here is a quick test of the Beholder while in Arizona.  It is pretty easy to control.

We picked this up from a really cool company in LA called owldolly.

Class Clown Academy

Mixtus has just launched a new iPad app called Class Clown Academy for author Steven Moore – co-founded the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  The Class Clown Academy is for current and future class clowns of all ages.  In this app you can Compose a song with Whoopie Cushions, Create Creatures and Explosions in the Science lab, Throw your food around in the Cafeteria and much more.