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Trace – Action Sports Video for POP Display

Trace is an action sports motion tracking device.  It collects data about the user and then displays that data in an iPhone app and overlays stats on their video.  Mixtus has been working with Trace over the past few months on many different projects.   One of these projects was a motion graphics video that is being displayed in surf/skate store across the US.


3D model of Trace created by mixtus

3d animation-mixtus-trace-iphone-media

mobile phone network sequence


image from

Go to to find out more about their product.



Bouchercon 2014 Awards 3D Printed

A 3D Printed model produced by mixtus was used to construct the Bouchercon 2014 awards.  These awards will make into the hands of amazing authors like Stephen King.  It was great to work with my friend Sayer Danforth to help produce it.  I can only take a little bit of credit for the digital side of this project.  It was great to see how nice the final awards came out.  Congrats Sayer.


bouchercon2014-award-stephen-kind-joylandScreen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.41.56 PM


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